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Erasmus+ is covering 100% of the expences for a short professional training of Educators and Staff of Education Institutions.

This year you can book your training in Athens choosing from a set of hot topics which interest teachers of primary and secondary education. You will have the chance to discuss with experienced trainers, explore in depth issues which will enrich your work and open new intriguing paths to your career.

The training facility is right in the city center, within walking distance from the city’s main attractions. Our programs include welcoming reception, full-board cozy accommodation, organized guided tours, evening cultural activities and farewell party. So, why not combine your study with an escape to sunny Athens!


Bullying prevention and anti-bullying training are critical in creating an environment conducive to learning. By adopting proven bullying prevention techniques and anti-bullying strategies teachers, staff, and school-bus drivers can all become active participants in bullying prevention. Raise awareness to understand if bullying has happened or is happening against one of your students and learn how to deal with it. Make a commitment at your school to stop bullying and begin the process of preventing bullying before it begins.


Students with learning disorders, disabilities or syndromes, such as Asperger and Autism have special needs in education. Without understanding the impairment, teachers could easily assume that such

students are willful, stubborn, rude, irritable, socially inept, and perhaps not very intelligent. This increased understanding of the impairment, combined with sound teaching, can establish successful experience for all.

In this seminar, teachers will learn to recognize, handle, manage and integrate into the school team, students with learning disorders, disabilities or syndromes, such as Asperger, as well as to consult parents, and refer to specialists, depending on the severity of the disorder. Having knowledge of characteristics and conditions of such situations can benefit the teacher in providing the student with a positive experience in school.


This very interactive seminar aims to inspire teachers showing the benefits of Tablets in education, sharing best practices and helping schools on their technological journey. Every day we see how tablets can motivate the way youngsters learn – our independent research has already proven the tangible benefits, but this is only the start!

More specifically, this training aims at:

  • exploring and document teachers’ use of tablets in school and at home;

  • identifying good practices regarding the use of tablets and foster the exchange of practices between teachers;

  • providing guidelines for the implementation of this technology.

Students enjoy the opportunity to explore new paths of communication, and we are empowering educators to keep pace with today’s increasingly digitally-linked world.


All around Europe, High schools get a lot of criticism for the way graduates are prepared, or not, for the rigors of the real world. Nowhere does that lack of preparation get highlighted more than in the labor market. Statistics suggest that only one out of five educators report feeling prepared to convey to their students business and financial literacy.

This course addresses the need to bridge this gap. The seminar is aiming at Educators who wish to become more knowledgeable about finance and business as they prepare their students for success.

Owner-entrepreneurship education empowers young people to make well-informed decisions about their future, whether they choose to become entrepreneurs or not. Students discover that, like every individual, they already own five powerful assets: time, talent, attitude, energy and unique knowledge of one’s local market. They learn to use these assets to create businesses and jobs, and build wealth in their communities.


Many teachers face the exciting challenge of working with children from diverse backgrounds. The course is designed to help participants examine how race, ethnicity, and culture influence students' experiences in school, and implement a multicultural approach to teaching.

The seminar provides candidates with the knowledge and concepts they need to develop appropriate, informed, and sensitive responses to the rich diversity of student learners in the classroom.

During your study you will explore cultural assumptions, attitudes, and values that shape our perceptions and predicate our action. This exploration will prepare practitioners for enlightened citizenship and effective teaching in a multicultural society.

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