Career guidance game in a city full ofoccupations

Internet-based career guidance is under development since the 1990s. In the beginning it was mainly about turning testing tools supporting the career decision making into electronic form. A lot of suchnon standardized tools are on internet free of charge in many languages. They are based on sets ofquestions, lack the fun factor, are long, boring and inappropriate for pupils aged 12-14.

Another possibility offers gamification, which is term for using game-like elements in non-gaming situations. Games are effective and enjoyable way to support learning experiences, and are especially useful in triggering learning, knowledge structuring and cognitive change in children. However, there do not appear to be many games developed or deployed in the area of career guidance in schools, and as well there are not guidelines how to develop such games.


The project aims to develop a C-game: CAREER GUIDANCE GAME IN A CITY FULL OF OCCUPATIONS for pupils aged 12-14 the aim of which is to introduce occupations to the pupils that might be of interest to them, broaden their labour market horizons, and encourage them to start their
career orientation at an early age in order to be able to choose the relevant educational path.

The Cgame is not designed to replace career guidance, but it helps pupils to become aware of their professional orientation through play to influence their future career choices. The game will be placed in a virtual city where pupils will perform tasks according to one of the 6
scenarios they can choose.

Occupations will be housed in appropriate looking buildings. For example in an automobile factory will be a director, clerk, accountant, constructor, technologist, worker, cleaner, warehouse worker, etc. The C-game will contain a database of 600 occupations which as
well as their descriptions will reflect tendencies of Industry 4.0.

During gaming the pupil will undertake a ”hidden” interest self-assessment based on collecting a set of objects that represent working tools, gadgets, working environment, set of verbs / working activities, etc. System will remember pupils´ activities and after sufficient information will offer him/her occupations corresponding until then detected pupils´ profile.

Because in age 12-14 most of the children are far away from seriously thinking about their future job all activities will be in a playful
form. Planned is to prepare for pupils at least min. 6 scenarios so that they can "play" alone. In some of the game stages they will be given task to consult selected issues with a parent, teacher, career advisor, but also a friend or classmate. There will be another 3 scenarios for C-game facilitators (career educators, career guidance counsellors, youth workers, parents, etc.) which will guide the adults to
stimulate pupils to fulfil some tasks when playing C-game in group.