E-mellon is the contemporary Complete Online Career Guidance System that has been especially created for the Greek students. 

It runs entirely through the internet! All questionnaires are completed online from every personal computer that has an internet connection. It's user-friendly and doesn’t require any specialized technical skills.

It is an evolutionary program that is completed in three phases. In the first phase the system examines student’s abilities in order to identify their competitive advantages. In the second phase it examines their personality traits in order to identify what suits them best. In the third phase students fill in the questionnaires that imprint their vocational interests. 

The goal of the system is to help students acquire self-knowledge, clarify what suits them, what they like and what they are good at. 

In this way they can make the best possible career choice.

e-mellon is an evolutionary program that addresses to junior high and high school students. It includes the following tests:

  • Vocational Interests Test, that aims at clarifying vocational interests and filling in the Computerized Exam Sheet.
  • Abilities Test, that helps students clarify their abilities and chose a scientific field.
  • Personality Test, that aims at self-knowledge and helps identify personality strengths and weaknesses and make the best career choice.

After completing the tests online you get your results report, which you can either read on your personal computer or print. 

Which professions suit my character, so that I’m satisfied with my career choice?
e-mellon, through its Vocational Interests Test, helps students answer this question, as well as broaden their knowledge about the job market, translate their interests in professional fields and make realistic educational and professional choices.

Skills and Abilities Expansion
e-mellon has 10 short abilities tests to help students discover their innate talents. These tests measure: verbal skills, calculating skills, mechanical memorization skills, mechanical principles comprehension, power of observation, orientation skills, abstract thinking, memorization skills using associations, speed and precision of perception and spelling control. 
Through these tests students identify their strengths and can better plan their future.

Personality Traits Identification
The Personality questionnaire is based upon C. Jung typology. It helps students have a more complete view of their personality traits and to associate them with professional fields and categories and their corresponding demands, in order to choose the professions that best suit them.