Career Orientation and Guidance for the children of multinational telecommunications company’s employees

ISON has offered a complete program that included analysis of children’s personal traits, as well as the possibility to follow a workshop on exam stress management. The program provided valid results and extensive information about the integration in the labor market.

The vocational orientation program had a positive result, according to parents’ feedback towards the training department of the company, as well as according to children’s reactions during the procedure and the delivery of the results.


Career Orientation and Guidance in the Municipality of Volos

ISON has been assigned by the Municipality of Volos the task to create an Employment Support Center. It has equipped this Center with the necessary structures, know-how, material and trained staff, in order for the Municipality of Volos to have an effective tool to apply its social policy in the employment sector.

The mechanism of knowledge and methodology transfer has worked so successfully, that the Center continues to operate with the company’s support.


Career Orientation and Guidance for the children of Greek multinational company’s employees

One of the most well-known Greek companies with international activities has decided to organize career orientation programs for its employees’ children.

ISON has been asked to present contemporary ideas about the relationship among personal traits and professional life, as well as about international trends in the employment sector.

After the program completion, participants have filled in assessment documents, through which the efficiency and the successful outcome of the procedure have become obvious. The company’s employees have been particularly satisfied from the organization of the program and its positive results to their children’s choices.