Entrepreneurship competence has become a priority in policy agendas of modern economies and societies with the belief that this is not just about starting businesses but a vital competence within the labour market and for people in their daily lives, even for those who are not classed as 'entrepreneurs' in the sense of creating new business opportunities.

In this sense, entrepreneurial skills are nowadays necessary in any field of activity. Thus, it is essential to define and develop the relevant key soft and entrepreneurial skills that enable a person to be employed as entrepreneur.

The ENTRE project will focus on upskilling and raising awareness to educators, trainers and guidance practitioners in education, training, employment, and the general public on the development of entrepreneurial skills, as well as promoting innovative approaches to strengthen the cooperation between industry and education towards entrepreneurship and propose innovative practice-based methods, where students are involved in project work and/or in motivational activities (linking them with the business world or with the local community).

The project will develop appropriate career guidance methodologies, tools, training material and curriculum for trainers, educators, guidance
practitioners and other relevant professionals as well for young people too, for the development ofentrepreneurship skills. The partnership will develop the training program on focusing on Entrepreneurship as a theme and a method that can be embedded in all subjects and it will be
adapted to selected domains such as health and social sciences, economy and business, art andculture, primary sector, construction and manufacturing, tourism and transportation etc.

Approximately 450 people will be involved directly and 4.000 indirectly in the ENTRE-Forward project activities. Specifically, the partnership is going to involve at least 120 young people and 210 trainers/educators/guidance practitioners and 108 experts and stakeholders in Entrepreneurship and Career management, in the development of the outputs.

The ENTRE-FORWARD project results will lead at improving competences and entrepreneurship/basic business skills of educators, trainers, guidance practitioners, young people, students, new entrepreneurs and other relevant professionals. Through the results of the project, the
impact will be to have better trained experts with the necessary skills, knowledge and methods to teach entrepreneurship effectively and that will lead to a widespread development of entrepreneurship education at schools and universities across Europe.

Project Number: 2019-1-FR01-KA204-062880
Duration 01.09.2019 - 31.08.2022

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