What do young people ask?

> How do we know that these tests are reliable?

The tests we use are internationally recognized scientific tools and are being used by big organizations all over the worlds. These tests are developed, controlled and upgraded in order to be kept updated.

But, apart from the tests, participants are asked to fill in a questionnaire with personal information and write a short essay. With all these information the Counsellor can compose a precise outline of the individual’s personality and other characteristics. Our experience shows that the information we gather before conducting the tests are highly coherent with the results.   


> What if I don’t agree with the test results about my studies or my career path?

The tests results actually mirror the participant’s skills and interests. The Counselor analyzes the results based on objective criteria. That's why, the suggested professional fields must be taken into account as a guide for research and reflection. Participants should discuss with the Counselor about the tests suggestions and how these are supported. Of course the final decision always belongs to the participant.

> We should I do the test, if I already know what job I want to do?

First of all, you should do the test to make sure you are in the correct way and you don’t follow other people's ideas. The majority of pupils and students are not well informed and they don's know the demands of each profession. What sounds interesting right now may not be so appealing some years later.    

> Is it an IQ test?

It is certainly not an IQ test. Most IQ tests measure the individual's ability to learn – something that is often referred to as “fluid intelligence”. In other words, those tests regard that the individuals already know that their knowledge influence their expectations and abilities that are require for a specific profession.

> Is this test different than the one that we were given at school/tutorial school?

It depends on the test you should execute. Some private schools have co-operated with us and supply our tests. These Career Orientation tests provide and indication about your interests, but also show how your interests are combined with your personality and abilities. You should see that the suggested professional way does not only reflect your abilities, but also suits your type. In this way, you will not only be sufficient in the profession you’ll follow, but you will also love it!

> We should I choose your program?

ISON Psychometrica follows a human-centered approach in all its services. People meet with experienced Counselors and get all the support they need. 

The tests we use to objectively diagnose personal traits are the most reliable internationally recognized tools; that’s why their results are presented along with the appropriate Counseling support. This support is not limited only to career choice, but can be expanded to other fields that arise during the interview: time management Counseling, study techniques, stress management, family issues, self-presentation, self-motivation etc. The Career Counseling Center co-operates with the most experience and competent Counselors, given that it offers the only specialized post-graduate programs in Greece.

Participants receive an analytical and comprehensible Results Report, in which they can resort to in order to understand all aspects of the career selection issue.    


What do adults ask?

> Is it rational to do the test at my age?

Of course it is! Whether you want to make a shift in your career or you are obliged to do it or you are a newcomer, your participation in our programs can help you organize your thought and set goals that take into consideration your interests and skills. Age and experience are two valuable assets that you can use in a productive way.

> Now that my children have grown up, I’d like to enter the labor market. But I've never worked before and I don’t have experience. Could such a test be useful to me?

Of course it could be useful! You will be surprised about the quantity of useful knowledge you have. With your experience of managing a family for many years, you could be very effective in communication and emotional intelligence issues that many job positions require.