Career Orientation

ISON, since 1993, handles the various activities of KEP, the Career Orientation Centre. KEP was the first organisation to provide a proper scientific career orientation service in Greece. KEP's activities include: 

    - Performance of individual Career Orientation programs, which include:
       1. Personality, Abilities, Interests, Values and Motives testing
       2. Individual and Family Counselling
       3. Information on education, academic and business matters

    - Constant Updating of the software that analyses the results of the 24
       tests that each examination contains
    - Thorough Training for the Career Orientation Counsellors
    - Seminar Planning with focus on Study methods, Stress management, Self Esteem Boosting and Job Seeking
    - Presenting the objectives of the Career Orientation Centre to the public,in collaboration with Schools, Public Organisations and other Companies
    - Working closely with IEPAS, the National Centre of Vocational Orientation, the Educational Institute, the Greek Manpower Employment Organization (OAED), and the Career Offices of Universities (AEI) and  Technological Institutions (TEI).

KEP provides its services in both Greece and Cyprus, to the general public but also to groups of special needs. 

In particular ISON offers services related to:

    - Career consulting
    - Team programmes for those interested in getting a first job
    - Outplacement programmes
    - Specific personal training
    - Training for becoming a Career Consultant