When we complete our Career Counseling programs, we ask interested parties to assess it. Here are some of the parents’ opinions, as they are expressed in our assessment sheets: 

"My child has clarified his choices and I had the chance to better communicate with him."

Maria G.

"This program has opened new horizons for us! Our daughter has discovered alternatives that she had never even thought of."

Giannis K.

"My daughter has realized her abilities, discovered unknown aspects of her personality and has been informed about various professional fields and their perspectives. She has clarified her goals."

Anna Ch.

"I think we’ve got the answers and the solutions to our questions and reflections about our child’s professional development."

Despoina L.

"I had the chance to see the connection between career choice and temperament."

Petros S.

"My child wanted to follow a profession that didn’t suit his character. Fortunately the Career Counseling program has helped us to realize it in time. Now his is completing his post-graduate studies in the science that is really appropriate for him."

Christos P.

"His self-esteem was boosted! He has set goals and goes on with self-confidence. This was something I couldn’t do because I lack the appropriate way and knowledge."

Olga K.

"Through this program other issues have been arisen My child was very stressed and I couldn’t help. With the experts’ help, he learned how to successfully manage his stress, especially during the exams, and to follow a systematic study system."

Chara P.

"Now she is capable of making decision about her professional life. She has boosted her self-esteem and knows she can do more things than she could ever imagine."

Christina S.

"With the experts’ help he has learnt to focus his attention in a specific goal in order to achieve. And he has also learnt how to do it."

Lia Ch.

"He has discovered his abilities, learnt what he is capable of, got information about the labor market and is now confident about what he wants to do in his life."

Sophia P.