Personality Evaluation Questionnaire 4.0

The Personality Evaluation Questionnaire (PEQ) is based on the Big Five Personality Model, which is used widely for personality assessment. Its main comparative advantage is that it is a pillar of convergence between internationally recognized scientific personality theories and beliefs of the average man.

Today the Big Five Personality Model is the most widely scientifically accepted system of categorizing and describing the human personality. The credibility and validity of this model has been confirmed by a considerable number of surveys.

PEQ is distinguished for its practical validity, as it contains a distinct Scale of Sincerity for assessing the attitude of the examinee. The response method provides information on the accuracy of the self-presentation of the examinee and possible attempts to alter his / her image during the completion of the test, regarding any premonition of good or improvement of his / her Social Acceptance.

Factors to be considered:

Extoversion (Dominance/ energy vs.Compatibility/ passivity)


Friendliness (Friendliness/ rapport vs.  Distancing/ coldness)

Interest for others

Conscientiousness (Compliance/ organisation vs. Flexibility/ carelessness)

Attention to the details

Emotional stability
impulse vs. Control of feelings/ Control of impulses)

Emotional contro

Spiritual boardness (Inovation vs. Conservatism)

Openess to different
Willingness to learn
Acceptance of change

 PEQ 4.0 is used 
in the selection and evaluation of staff
of all grades,
as well as in Counseling.


The test is administered Online or in a written form.
A detailed result report is given.

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