Bullying prevention and anti-bullying training are critical in creating an environment conducive to learning. A growing body of research shows that students who are exposed to physical or emotional bullying experience a significantly increased risk of anxiety, depression, confusion, lowered self-esteem and suicide. In addition to school environmental factors, researchers wanted to know what individual-level factors played a key role in students who are bullied by peers in school.

By adopting proven bullying prevention techniques and anti-bullying strategies teachers, staff, and school-bus drivers can all become active participants in bullying prevention. Raise awareness to understand if bullying has happened or is happening against one of your students and learn how to deal with it. Make a commitment at your school to stop bullying and begin the process of preventing bullying before it begins.

To whom it may address

Teachers, Professors, Staff, School-bus drivers, Parents or any other individual that have a special interest in this matter. This seminar will offer to participants the necessary knowledge in order to deal with “Bullying” more substantially and systematically.

Certificate of participation

In the end of this seminar, participants will receive a certificate of participation signed by ISON Psychometrica.


The course is a 5-day intensive seminar.


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