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People are driven by their visions, ambitions, goals, competences and their personalities... some of them also own, or manage companies.

At ISON Psychometrica we combine our experience, knowledge and the proper scientific tools to provide realistic, practical and turnkey solutions to organizations  with diverse background and structure.

Our 25 years of experience and profound market knowledge allow us to develop customer specific solutions to meet each client's needs and expectations in order to achieve the desirable outcome


Management Consulting

How do we count


Using more than 450 Psychometric tools.

We trace with remarkable accuracy competences, skills, motives and personality traits for the benefit of individuals and organizations of any kind.

Our in house research leads to the development of new tools meeting the international standards. Due to this know how we have been granted with exclusive rights to adapt and publish in the Greek language world renowned psychometric tools, such as MMPI-2





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You Count


You count more than you think.

Αt ISON  Psychometrica we enhance your understanding of your abilities and competences, using a sound system based on the world’s top psychometric tools.
We support you to explore your personality, to comprehend your behavior and to improve it for your benefit with targeted, personalized coaching.
We know the way and commit to assist you choose and follow a career path matching to your ambitions. Click below to see how it's doneforward.



Career Counseling