Philosophy of the Career Counseling Center (CCC)

CCC's goal is to help the stakeholder to ease the stress he / she feels about the uncertainty he / she encounters in the labor market. Our mission is to approach young people, as well as people of every age and to help them gain the strength and the means they need in order to set and accomplish realistic goals.  

This is the reason why we continually develop and upgrade our skills, learn to manage our potential in order to help other people manage their potential efficiently.

We design special strategies for each person, with which he / she will be able to realize his / her desires, within the context of social and economic reality. We provide the means and create the conditions for everyone to discover his/ her real self,  to realize his inclinations and to develope the mentality of the winner.

CCC's strategies are based on the scientific principle that work in modern times is not only a means of livelihood. Αppropriate work can be a means for each individual's multifaceted, social, inner and spiritual completion, in parallel with the profits he / she gains. We encourage the people to realise that they have the right and the potential to choose vocations which satisfy their creative and social needs.

We act upon the continuous development and growth of each individual, in order for him / her to adapt to the everyday life demands, find his / her place into the continuously changing environment. We offer to him / her the essential knowledge and skills, so that he / she is able to take the right decisions for him / her self and make them real.

For the realization of our goal we collaborate with specialized scientists, who combine knowledge with talent and love for the people. We select and use the most up-to-date means for the identification of personal characteristics and the most successful Counseling techniques in order for the person to reach his / her goal. 

Our ambition is to be useful for different individuals, adolescents, youth or adults and to offer to each one of them the support and knowledge he / she needs, so that he / she discovers and realizes his / her own way of being successful.