Career Counseling

Τowards the goal

ISON follows a systematic and practical methodology that leads to the clarification of the stakeholder's goals and the ways to achieve them. 

We guarantee that the stakeholder will find a new job within the agreed period of time.

Part 1 includes the identification and evaluation of the person's interests, abilities, personality traits, as well as his/ her values.

With the assistance of experienced consultants the stakeholder is guided to recognize the essence of his / her qualifications and to become aware of the elements that may hinder him / her in his / her new start or development. Moreover, he / she is encouraged to develop ideas and plans for his / her future goals and to recognize the combination of the elements that will give him / her satisfaction at work. 

In Part 2,  the opportunities offered by the labor market and the possibilities of approaching each of them is reviewed. Additionally, the counselor is directed to authoritative sources of information so that he / she can obtain a comprehensive and objective view of available professional choices.   

Based on the information that has been gathered, the goals are clarified and hierarchically ranked and the strategy for achieving the desired job is decided.

In Part 3 the techniques to be followed in order to successfully reach the goals that have been set are presented and discussed. The person is guided to gather all the necessary information for each possible option and evaluate them. He / she then learns how to present reliably and competitively his / her job application, to support it and negotiate his / her payment.  

In this part the CV and the application form are formed, while techniques of successful interviewing are taught.