Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM) is internationally the biggest entity specialized in HRM issues. Its aim is to promote the HR field through actively supporting executives and providing the appropriate tools to accomplish their strategic goals. SHRM wishes to upgrade the HR field and its role, as well as to accomplish and maintain corporate values.

Towards this direction SHRM offers its 250.000 members in 120 countries many services and tools, such as training, seminars and study material, continuous flow of information, opportunities to exchange ideas and opinions, organized conferences, possibility for self-assessment and knowledge certification in order to develop corporate activities.    

ISON Psychometrica, as a member of SHRM, with its experience in corporate counseling and development, offers an integrated program of specialized and focused training in practical issues regarding HR management and administration within a company. In a continuous contact with SHRM and its members, we are aware of the international demands in the HR field and we can adjust them in the Greek reality, seeking to develop individuals within the workplace.  

In the assessment categories you will find more than 400 tests created by 40 publishing houses, which are available online for companies acting in many countries.

General Assessment Categories

Personality and Skills Assessment

Selection of middle- and high-ranked executives

Coaching & Leadership 

Employees' Skills and Abilities Assessment

360° Assessment

Investigation of Growth Prospects


Mechanic and Technical Skills

Clinical Assessment