Personality and Skills Assessment

The accurate assessment of an individual\'s strengths and weaknesses - including both personality and cognitive factors - is critical in predicting that person\'s ability to succeed in the job. In this way, psychometric tests such as Personality and Personal Skills assessment can help organizations select employees who are best-suited for a particular position.

The following assessments are job personality tests that examine personality factors related to work functioning.

1. AMA DISC Survey AMA DISC SurveyCoaching Style Inventory (CSI)
2. Conditional Reasoning Test of Aggression (CRT-A)
3. Devine Inventory/SelectBest
4. Employee Screening Questionnaire
5. FOCUS 5:S (Second Edition of MPQ5)
6. FOCUS 5:A (Second Edition of WPQ)
7. FOCUS 8
8. FOCUS Creativity
9. Gordon Personal Profile—Inventory
10. Hallmarks of Excellence in Leadership™
11. Hogan Development Survey
12. Hogan Personality Inventory
13. Management Development Questionnaire (MDQ)
14. Manchester Personality Questionnaire (MPQ14.2)
15. MPQ Factor Version 5 (MPQ5)
16. Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)
17. Numerical Critical Reasoning Test (NCT1)
18. Numerical Analysis Test (NMT4)
19. New Workforce Inventory (NWI) – Revised
20. New Workforce Inventory (NWI) - (Short-Form Personal Report) – Revised
21. OPQ32i
22. OPQ32n
24. Six Factor Personality Questionnaire
24. Personality Research Form (PRF)
25. Time Management Practices Inventory (TMPI)
26. Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (WGCTA)
27. Winning Profile Athlete Inventory (WPAI)
28. Workforce Effectiveness Inventory (WEI)
29. Work Personality Index Select (WPI Select)
30. Work Profile Questionnaire (WPQ)
31. Work Profile Questionnaire-Emotional Intelligence Version