Co-operation opportunities

ISON operates as an open system in order to respond to its demanding projects. It selects partners with different backgrounds, coming from all academic, social and professional levels.

We wish to co-operate with people of great culture, with a high degree of questioning and knowledge regarding the exciting issues of human consciousness and behavior. Furthermore, our partners are able to understand contemporary international business environment and the methodologies of analyzing and improving it. Acceptance and compliance with our principles is a fundamental prerequisite for our co-operation.

We seek to form teams based on the participants’ ability to work within a team, to take initiatives, to process solutions and to tirelessly insist on achieving the common goal. Our partners must be creative and resourceful, with total quality management skills, as well as effective time and knowledge management skills. They must also be energetic and radiant, in order to directly respond to the ever-changing environment.

If ambition, self-motivation, leading potential and self-sufficiency is what characterizes you, please send us your CV in the e-mail address: