Comprehensive Ability Battery - CAB®

CAB® ability tests measure the special innate ability to execute all basic operations that are necessary within the professional life. They constitute a battery of 13 tests that examine all basic abilities that define the ease with which an individual can learn and execute specific tasks.

The ability tests examine separately the following abilities:

 1. Mathematical ability
 2. Inductive thought ability
 3. Understanding of mechanical principles and data
 4. Spatial perception
 5. Power of observation and ease of object identification
 6. Verbal ability
 7. Idea producing ability
 8 .Thought originality
 9. Memorization ability using association of ideas
 10. Mechanic memorization ability
 11. Perception velocity and precision

 12. Eye-hand coordination
 13. Idea organization ability

The examination lasts two hours.

The test is filled in using paper and pencil. The answer sheets are corrected using keys and special software that produces a diagram and a results report.

We also provide an optional results processing service.