LOQ® Leadership Opinion Questionnaire

Leadership Questionnaire, through 40 questions, measures two important dimensions that are determinative in the relationship among directors and their subordinates:

 - Interest towards subordinates: it reveals the grade of trust between directors and their subordinates. A high score indicates a good communication climate among directors and subordinates. A low score indicates impersonal relationships between team members.  

 - Role structure: it indicates the degree to which individuals can define their own and their subordinates’ role structure in order to achieve goals. A high score characterizes individuals that play an active role in directing group activities. A low score indicates individuals that are not capable of managing group activities.


The test is used to personnel training, development, selection, assessment and to working environment assessment. It has been used by various organizations, such as industries, enterprises, universities, hospitals, research centers etc. 


The questionnaire is filled in using paper and pencil. All necessary instructions are given in the first page of the answering sheet. 

The Leadership Questionnaire supply lasts 15-20 minutes.

Managerial Assessment Test

Author: Sweney A. B. 



To assess management style and the relationships within the working environment. It is used for personnel selection and assessment. 

Short description

SAS-RI (Styles & Attitudes Survey & Response Indicator) is a questionnaire that consists of two measurements, SAS and RI. SAS assesses three management styles within organisms, which can be described as authoritarian/centralized, counterbalancing and permitting/paternalistic.  RI assesses three style of response towards management, which can be described as compliant, cooperative and revolutionary/independent. These two measurements are combined between them and create a more composite measurement.  

The test is supplied using paper and pencil. 
The filling-in lasts 20 minutes.  

It is provided by Ison Psycometrica, along with an optional results processing service.