ISON Psychometrica is the only greek sector which indepedently provides expertise and the possibility of production and standardization of psychometric tests according to international standards.

ISON's expertise makes possible the exclusive collaboration with the greek version of the tests, which are located at the top of the worldwide recognition together with the internationally recognised institutions, such as the Universities of Minnesota and Harvard, as well as with international institutes, such as the Performance Assesment Network (PAN). 

Each one of the tests we provide is a strictly structured, systematic and standardized procedure for the safe and accurate prediction of specific mental characteristics of the examinees. 


Personality Tests

which concern the assessment of the way the person thinks and reacts in variable situations

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory®2 (MMPI®2)
Personality Evaluation Questionaire (PEQ)

Personality Traits Questionnaire (PTQ)

Personality Test (16PF)
Projective Test Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)


Society For Human Resource Management Test (SHRM)

which is the biggest union in an international level and is specialized in Human Resources Management issues 

Personality and Skills Assessment
Selection of middle- and high-ranked executives
Coaching & Leadership 
Employees' Skills and Abilities Assessment

360° Assessment
Investigation of Growth Prospects
Team Building
Mechanic and Technical Skills
Clinical Assessment
Outline of Workplace Climate

Aptitude Tests

which concern the normal ease of the people to accomplish particular things

Comprehensive Ability Battery Aptitude Tests (CAB®)
Advanced Aptitude Tests (AAT)

Values and Motives Test

which concerns the inner and outer motives of the human behavior

Values and Motives Test

Interests Questionnaire

which refers to the activities that we enjoy doing 

Occupational Interests Questionnaire


Leadership (LOQ®)
Styles and Attitudes Survey & Response Indicator (SAS-RΙ®)

Occupational Stress Inventory (OSI®)

In exclusive collaboration with the European Association for Management (CECIOS) the 360° Assessment Tool is provided.

Moreover, in collaboration with the biggest human resources organisation, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), more than 420 tests of the top 50 institutions of Europe and the USA are provided for administration in the English language online.