Career Counseling

The Career Counseling Center (ΚΕΠ™) has been providing personalized career counseling services since 1991 in Greece and abroad, to individuals and a number of organizations, which include:

- Schools (German School of Athens, Geitonas School, Ziridis School, Platon School, Intercultural Lyceum of Varibobi, Poukamisas, Anodos, Domi, Synekpedeusi, Thesmos, Pyrsos, Noisis etc.)

- Public & Private Organizations (Bank of Greece, National Printing House, Vodafone, Unilever, S&B, Municipality of Volos, Municipality of Melissia, Region of Attica etc.)

- Universities & Colleges (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Democritus University of Thrace, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens University of Economics and Business, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, University of Peiraeus, Anatolia, Deree, Frederick, Mediterranean, New York College etc.)

The Career Counseling Center ΚΕΠ™ systematically organizes training seminars and workshops on Vocational Guidance and Career Counseling, where over 800 Consultants have been trained at.

ΚΕΠ™ is an activity by ISON Psychometrica.

ISON is a member of the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (AIOSP), it represents Greece in the Career Firms International (CFI) and its CEO is a member of the Board of Directors of the European Association for Career Guidance (EACG).  

ISON owns the exclusive rights to issue and distribute in the Greek language psychometric tests by Harvard University and the University of Minnesota.

A number of pioneering activities in the area of Career Counseling and Vocational Guidance are recorded in its assets:

- 1996 1st systems of computerized selection based on psychometric tests for the General Secretariat for Adult Education
- 1997 Member of OIPartners, the largest consortium of Career Counselors worldwide at its time
- 1998 
Job Outplacement is launched in Greece with the presence of GSEE leadership, Minister of Labor, Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)
- 1999 1st Greek Professions Guide for the Pedagogical Institute with 400 professional monographs
- 2000 composed the first monographs of professions for OAED
- 2001 Evaluation LdV 1996-2000 for the U.E.
- 2002 Undertook the PHOENIX Training Program for Intercultural Counselors with trainers from Italy and the Netherlands.
- 2003 provided personalized services to all students of Athens' multicultural schools.
- 2004 assessed the activity of the Career Office of the University of Piraeus and the Democritus University, while initiating cooperation with the Career Offices of the Aristotle University and Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Thessaloniki and Florina.
- 2005 completed the writing of the first professional monographs for the National Center for Vocational Guidance.
- For the period 2006-2008 its executives were involved in the elaboration of the studies carried out by the Institute for Career Guidance and Counseling for the policy formulation of the Ministry of Education for Vocational Guidance.
- Since 2007 participates in a series of European programs to combat unemployment and develop Career Consultants at a pan-European level.

ISON also has collaborations with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the European Association of Management.

The tests that are used for Career Counseling:

Career Guidance for Teens

Personality Traits Questionnaire (PTQ)
Personality Evaluation Questionaire (PEQ)
Classic Ability Battery (CAB®)
Questionnaires of Interests 

E-mellon: Career Guidance On line

Exploring Skills and Skills
Exploring Professional Interests
Exploring Characteristics of Personality


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