Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory®2 (MMPI®2) 

is the most used and researched tool for the assessment of adult psychopathology worldwide 

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory®2 (MMPI®2)

TAT Projective Test

is used as part of an overall personality assessment as well as a means of interpreting behavioral disorders, psychosomatic diseases, neuroses and psychoses

Προβολικό Test TAT (Thematic Apperception Test)

Administration Services

ISON undertakes to administer tests to individuals or groups, at ISON's premises or other appropriate venues, in collaboration with qualified partners guaranteeing the integrity of the examination and the timely delivery of results. 

Correction Services

ISON also undertakes the correction of the tests you administer and the production of diagrams and reports with guaranteed accuracy in a short period of time. For urgent occasions, we provide express service, delivering results in 4 hours.

Privacy Policy 

ISON strictly observes the confidentiality of information that comes to its knowledge through the tasks ISON performs for any reason. ISON never reveals any information either about the bodies or the idividuals with which it cooperates. Access to the information is only authorized by ISON's associates, who are also bound by the rules of professional conduct in their field. 

In addition, it complies with all the specifications set by the Data Protection Authority and is authorized to observe any data required for its work. All forms, either electronic or any other file with personal data, are destroyed after each project has been completed. Sensitive personal data that come to the knowledge of the company as part of its activity are kept only anonymously for research purposes only. The principle that governs the company since its establishment and its activation in the sensitive field of the Human Factor is summarized in the phrase included in all the publications it has conducted in order to search for executives:

Absolute confidentiality is self-evident.


For more information or an appointment, please contact 210 64 20 001.