Values Tests
CV1V2® Personal and Interpersonal Values Questionnaire

CV1V2® utilizes two of the most reliable approaches to the way of measuring personal and interpersonal values. The first approach relates to what people regard as important; the second approach relates to the definition of relative importance that they attribute to various everyday activities.

With these approaches CV1V2® gives a precise description of the individual’s value system and motives:

- It measures the basic values that regard interpersonal relationships. The six values   that are measured are: need for support, social compliance, need for recognition, independency, altruism and leadership.

- It measures important values that define the way that people face everyday problems. These values are: materialistic perception, goal reaching, variety of activities, determination, order and clarity of goals.

The questionnaire consists of 60 questions with 3 possible answers. For every question the person under examination must choose two answers: the one that expresses him/her the most and the one that expresses him/her the less (forced choice).

The examination lasts 20-30 minutes.

The test is filled in using paper and pencil. The results diagram is created by special software.

CV1V2® & I01 results appear in a common diagram.

We also provide an optional results processing service.